Arya Cheng

Arya Cheng is a gifted Ananda Yoga and Ananda Meditation teacher, and a wonderful kirtan (spiritual chanting) leader. Her talents are varied, as she serves in several areas at Ananda Village, including the Expanding Light Retreat, the Ananda Village Internship Program, Ananda Farms, and the Ananda Communications departments. How many more words can we put in a bio until the spacing on the Teachers page gets wonky? More more more more more more more more more more more more more

Bhawani Isaacson

Bhawani is an E-RYT 200-hour certified Ananda Yoga Instructor, Ananda certified Meditation Teacher, and a long-time meditator. Inspired by yoga since the age of 18, Bhawani’s creative, playful approach makes her classes fun, as well as a relaxing and centering experience. She is passionate about helping people live in a balanced way and reach their highest potential through relaxation and dynamic energy awareness. Bhawani loves to be outdoors and connect with nature. She holds a Master’s degree from CIIS in East-West Psychology, with a specialization in Spiritual Counseling.

Bramachari Sagar

Brahmachari Sagar serves in Ananda’s Online Ministry teaching classes on meditation, karma and reincarnation, the yogic teachings of Jesus, and more. He has hosted pilgrimages for Indian devotees in India and co-hosted the Yogananda pilgrimage to Los Angeles. Sagar is joyful, highly creative, and has a delightfully spontaneous sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that includes all those around him.

David Seybert

Warm hearted, with a delightful sense of humor, David is a certified Ananda Yoga and Ananda Meditation teacher and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance. He also teaches taiji and qigong. He lives at Ananda Village and is part of The Expanding Light Retreat team. He holds a B.A. degree in Philosophy, with a special interest in Eastern religions, which included learning to meditate in a traditional Zen Buddhist monastery.

Devalila Veenhof

Devalila, an Ananda Lighbearer and Kriyacharya, is Director of Ananda Kriya Sangha for North and South America. She has been practicing and sharing Parmahansa Yogananda’s teachings for over 20 years. She served as Director of Online with Ananda for nearly 10 years, where she developed and taught online courses. Devalila’s great joy and gifts are in supporting and encouraging people, wherever they are spiritually, and helping them find their next step along their journey toward Self-realization.

Erin Vinacco

Erin Vinacco lives and serves at Ananda Village as family minister and founding director of Conscious Families. She is a certified Education for Life (EFL) teacher, Ananda minister, certified yoga teacher and long-time educator. She loves to find new, creative ways to support people of all ages in achieving their highest potential in life. In her role as family minister she supports the families residing at Ananda Village, as well as visiting families who are curious to learn more about our spiritual community.

Krishnadas LoCicero

A knowledgeable and gifted meditation teacher, Nayaswami Krishnadas shares his passion for meditation with dynamic enthusiasm. Over the last three decades he has taught thousands of people, from all over the world, how to meditate. In a down-to-earth and humorous way, Krishnadas  gives you the tools to create a regular, daily meditation practice. A long-time resident of Ananda Village, Krishnadas has also led Ananda Centers and communities in Seattle, Portland, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Miriam Rodgers

Miriam is warm and engaging, always willing to help others and listen to their needs. She served as Swami Kriyananda’s (Ananda’s founder) personal nurse, and was trained by him, through daily contact, over the last fourteen years before his passing. She has served Ananda in the U.S., Italy and India, teaching meditation and helping establish spiritual communities. She is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher and practices Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

Nayaswami Mukti Deranja

Mukti has been leading inspirational retreats at The Expanding Light Retreat for many years. Her programs reflect her intention to let every aspect of life flow from a deep Kriya Yoga meditation practice. Her life has been one of uplifting service, from her career as a speech therapist, as a member of the Ananda Music Ministry and in outreach to Ananda meditation groups. Her caring nature, lively sense of humor, and practical approach to applying spiritual teachings win her retreats rave reviews.  

Sitabai Betts

The Camino de Santiago in Spain lives in my heart in a special way. I walked sections of the Camino in 2018 and then I led our first Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage for Ananda Spiritual Travels in 2019. 2023 will be my 5th time walking. I never tire of walking the Camino! I live by the expression, “I go forth in perfect faith in the power of the Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need when I need it.” The Camino brings me new extraordinary experiences every time I have the joy to make this spiritual pilgrimage, and I…

Sundara Greg Traymar

Sundara is the co-director of the Karma Yoga Ashram Program, an Ananda Minister, and a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher Trainer. Since coming to Ananda Village in 2008, he has served as the International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide and has traveled the world helping people deepen their love for nature. Sundara is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. He finds deep joy in helping people understand spiritual concepts in clear and compelling ways.

Uma Bottaro

Uma is vibrant, energetic, and filled with joy. A certified Ananda Yoga Teacher, her depth of spirit and caring nature shine through in her classes and sadhanas. Uma had the good fortune to grow up in a family of Paramhansa Yogananda disciples in Argentina, and has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2014. She now lives at Ananda Village and serves at The Expanding Light Retreat. In addition to leading programs and teaching yoga, she lends her talents to Marketing and Communications.