• PRIVATE ENSUITE - King – $1,106.00
  • PRIVATE ENSUITE - Twin – $1,059.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Queen – $860.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Twin – $811.00
  • PRIVATE CABIN - Twin – $777.00
  • SHARED ENSUITE - Twin – $729.00
  • SHARED STANDARD - Twin – $601.00
  • SHARED CABIN - Twin – $582.00
  • CAMPING – $476.00
  • RV – $476.00
  • (All prices include $375.00 base amount)
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A Christmas of Inner Awakening

With Nayaswami Krishna Das and Nayaswami Sagar

December 12 - 15, 2024

Dive deep into the Spirit of Christmas 

Take time away from the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season and tune into the true meaning of the season.

Spiritualize your Christmas season and reconnect with your spiritual aspirations.

Experience the feelings of peace, divine love and joy that you can find at Ananda. Access the heart of Christmas within your own being and feel renewed and strengthened, ready to more deeply enjoy your own Christmas celebrations.

Ananda Choir

 “It was Jesus himself who appeared to Babaji, and asked him to send this teaching of Self-Realization to the West . . . Babaji asked me to interpret the Christian Bible and the Bhagavad Gita, or Hindu Bible, and to show that the teachings of both are basically the same. It was with this mission that I was sent to the West.”
– Paramhansa Yogananda

This Retreat will revitalize your soul, helping you to carry Christ within your heart throughout the entire holiday season and into the New Year.

Your experiences will include:

      • Special classes on the true meaning of Christmas, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, on the essential oneness of Jesus’ teachings and of the yoga teachings of India,
      • A special holiday gathering with Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi, Ananda’s Worldwide Spiritual Directors
      • Time at the Crystal Hermitage, the spiritual heart of Ananda Village
      • A Christmas concert by the Ananda Village Choir.
      • Christmas festivities with caroling, gifts, and desserts, along with other guests and Ananda Village residents
      • Sunday Service in the Temple of Light
      • BONUS: 20% discount code to the self-paced online course The Yoga Teachings of Jesus.
Jyotish and Devi
Return home energized, uplifted, and ready to enjoy the rest of your Christmas season.


Nayaswami Krishna Das
Nayaswami Krishna Das books and manages the many guest groups that The Expanding Light hosts, leads pilgrimage trips to holy places in India and the U.S., teaches weekend retreats, and gives spiritual counseling to guests. He came to Ananda in 1978 and immediately found his home and purpose in life at Ananda. An exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted meditation and yoga philosophy teacher, Nayaswami Krishna Das shares his passion for these teachings with dynamic enthusiasm. He has a vibrant zest for life that comes out in a warm, personable nature and serviceful disposition. He’ll go out of his way to make…
Learn more about Nayaswami Krishna Das
Nayaswami Sagar
Nayaswami Sagar serves in Ananda’s Online Ministry teaching classes on meditation, karma and reincarnation, the yogic teachings of Jesus, and more. He has hosted pilgrimages for Indian devotees in India and co-hosted the Yogananda pilgrimage to Los Angeles. Sagar is joyful, highly creative, and has a delightfully spontaneous sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that includes all those around him.
Learn more about Nayaswami Sagar