• PRIVATE ENSUITE - King – $746.00
  • PRIVATE ENSUITE - Twin – $714.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Queen – $580.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Twin – $546.00
  • PRIVATE CABIN - Twin – $522.00
  • SHARED ENSUITE - Twin – $494.00
  • SHARED STANDARD - Twin – $406.00
  • SHARED CABIN - Twin – $392.00
  • CAMPING – $320.00
  • RV – $320.00
  • (All prices include $250.00 base amount)
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How to Rise Above Your Karma

With Nayaswami Sagar and Saiganesh

November 15 - 17, 2024

Use Your Life Experiences to Empower Yourself

Understand Hhow the law of karma works, and how to make it work FOR you

Comprehending the deeper intricacies of karma and gaining clarity on your karmic patterns and lessons helps you be more at ease with yourself and with your own journey.

  • Find peace with your past
  • Calmly navigate the roads that lie ahead
  • Release bound-up energy to be successful in all areas of life

During this supportive and insightful retreat, you will explore your own karmic patterns and lessons. You will also learn effective ways to free yourself from karma.

Retreat Highlights:
  • Explore Karma’s Meaning and Purpose:
    Delve into the profound meaning and purpose of karma—both the positive and challenging aspects.
  • Handle Karmic Tests with Equanimity:
    Learn effective ways to handle challenging karmic tests with clarity and equanimity.
  • Create Your “Rise Above Your Karma” Toolkit:
    Develop a personalized toolkit to navigate through karmic tests, empowering yourself to rise above challenges.
  • Powerful Healing Ceremony:
    Draw on divine grace through a transformative healing ceremony, unlocking the power of spiritual upliftment.
  • Experience Fellowship and Friendship:
    Immerse yourself in the refined environment of Ananda Village, experiencing the power of fellowship and friendship on your spiritual journey.
group meditation under Yogananda Statue

Weekend Schedule: Along with regular yoga posture and meditation sessions, delicious meals, and time to absorb the quiet serenity of The Expanding Light your weekend includes:

Friday Evening: Welcome and Orientation

Saturday morning Class: How to make the Law of Karma work FOR you to attain your highest goals

Saturday afternoon class: Create your own personalized “Rise Above Your Karma” toolkit

Saturday Evening: Support from the Masters: A special healing ceremony

Closing Circle, then Sunday Service in the Temple of Light and farewell lunch

Empower Yourself Through Insight and Support:

This supportive and insightful retreat offers you the tools to explore, understand, and rise above your karmic patterns and lessons. Find peace with your past, navigate your present, and create a harmonious future empowered by the transformative insights gained.


Nayaswami Sagar
Nayaswami Sagar serves in Ananda’s Online Ministry teaching classes on meditation, karma and reincarnation, the yogic teachings of Jesus, and more. He has hosted pilgrimages for Indian devotees in India and co-hosted the Yogananda pilgrimage to Los Angeles. Sagar is joyful, highly creative, and has a delightfully spontaneous sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that includes all those around him.
Learn more about Nayaswami Sagar
Saiganesh is an Ananda minister and one of the co-managers of Ananda Palo Alto. He is a deeply thoughtful, clear speaker, and connects easily with people. He has a passion for sharing the teachings of Kriya yoga and meditation. A world citizen, he grew up in a traditional Hindu family in India and was trained as an Indian Classical musician. He was formerly a technology manager in Silicon Valley, and applies his tech acumen to many Ananda projects.
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