• PRIVATE ENSUITE - King – $746.00
  • PRIVATE ENSUITE - Twin – $714.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Queen – $580.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Twin – $546.00
  • PRIVATE CABIN - Twin – $522.00
  • SHARED ENSUITE - Twin – $494.00
  • SHARED STANDARD - Twin – $406.00
  • SHARED CABIN - Twin – $392.00
  • CAMPING – $320.00
  • RV – $320.00
  • (All prices include $250.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details: Program begins on Friday after dinner and ends on Sunday morning

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Communing with Aum

With Nayaswami Sagar and Sundara Traymar

April 5 - 7, 2024

Go Deep in the Cosmic Vibration

The more you listen to OM,
the more youwill feel yourself
entering into it.
In time you will feel it, and yourself, permeating the entire universe.

All knowledge is contained in that sound. You have only to ask for it,
and it will be given to you.

All power is contained in that sound. You have only to call on it,
and it will be given to you.

You will be able to attract success, true friends from past lives,
all understanding, all knowledge,
and all inspiration. 

When you are in that vibration,
you need never fear anything;
nothing and no one
will be able to harm you
—Swami Kriyananda

The All-pervading AUM
This retreat is designed for those with a deep interest in the all-pervading, omniscient vibration of AUM. You will acquire tools taught by Paramhansa Yogananda for merging into Sacred AUM. Through visualizations, guided activities, devotional AUM meditations, chanting, inspirational stories, and deep yogic teachings, the Cosmic Vibration will come alive for you as never before.

Create Your Own AUM Practice
The weekend will have a dynamic flow of lecture and experiential activities for deep communion with AUM. You’ll learn how to make your AUM practice more devotional, expansive, and God-reminding throughout the day. You will also hear how saints from all traditions have found God through His Holy Vibration.

Key Techniques
The Hong Sau technique and Energization Exercises are valuable aids for experiencing AUM. Learn how to go deep into them. For those who have received the Aum technique through Ananda there will be a review.

Learn from Long-time, Dedicated Meditators
Brahmachari Sagar and Saiganesh both have, for many years, inspired and taught hundreds of people with the deeper teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Gifted teachers, they will guide you deeper in your spiritual practices.

The Healing Balm of Spirit

Your weekend activities will be enhanced by the uplifted atmosphere of The Expanding Light Retreat. Visiting Ananda temples and the Crystal Hermitage Gardens, all steeped in holy vibrations, are highlights that will help you experience deeper meditations, and the rejuvenating power of AUM.


Nayaswami Sagar
Nayaswami Sagar serves in Ananda’s Online Ministry teaching classes on meditation, karma and reincarnation, the yogic teachings of Jesus, and more. He has hosted pilgrimages for Indian devotees in India and co-hosted the Yogananda pilgrimage to Los Angeles. Sagar is joyful, highly creative, and has a delightfully spontaneous sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that includes all those around him.
Learn more about Nayaswami Sagar
Sundara Traymar
Sundara is the co-director of the Karma Yoga Ashram Program, an Ananda Minister, and a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher Trainer. Since coming to Ananda Village in 2008, he has served as the International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide and has traveled the world helping people deepen their love for nature. Sundara is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. He finds deep joy in helping people understand spiritual concepts in clear and compelling ways.
Learn more about Sundara Traymar